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AIWaft Smart Board | 75 inches Interactive Flat Panel | White Board Software, Multi-Touch, Multi Source| 20W x 2 internal speakers.

AIWaft Smart Board | 75 inches Interactive Flat Panel | White Board Software, Multi-Touch, Multi Source| 20W x 2 internal speakers.

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AIWaft Smart Board | Best 75 Inches Interactive Flat Panel | Touch Screen display used for interacting & connecting

AIWaft smart boards are extensively utilized in schools, boardrooms, and other collaborative areas to improve participation, productivity, and communication. It essentially functions as a sizeable touchscreen display that can be used to interface and manipulate digital information.

Quick Start Just Switch on display power and start play any office files or start White-Board applications in less than 5 seconds.
Inbuilt Speaker in AIWaft smart board 20W x 2 internal front speakers with technology to deliver best audio without any external arrangement.
Play Contents Office files, Video Files and images can run directly on interactive Display Panel, No need to connect PC. Also Annotation will work with any application, including PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Video and images etc.
Multiple Source in AIWaft smart board Connect variety of devices like Camera,DVD Player,DTH,Video conferencing and Laptop / Desktop or any RGB/HDMI / AV output device.
Save and Share Produce hundred pages of work on Embedded Note application and save them on in-built memory or USB as image files. Internet stored Data can be copy to any USB storage device. Also share files through email or social network sites.
Extends Display in AIWaft smart board Simply extend display to external panel with RGB / HDMI output*.
Annotation Annotation Embedded software lets you write anywhere and everywhere, highlight, Edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time. This includes annotation on all displayed files same can be easily shared , saved for future reference.
Powered by Android in AIWaft smart board Interactive display panel have capability to run all common file like PDF, Microsoft word, Excel and power point, video and images. Supported applications can be installed from google store or third party
Multiple Source in AIWaft smart board Connect variety of devices like Camera,DVD Player,DTH,Video conferencing and Laptop / Desktop or any RGB/HDMI / AV output device.
White-board Software Whiteboard software include features like draw, choose, pens, annotate, erase, colour, shapes, sizes, text, edit, Fonts, hand writing recognition, stamp, move, capture picture, video, save, rotate, undo, image gallery, print, floating key-board, screen wrap, magnifier, clock, date time, spotlight, background etc.
Multi Monitoring and Control in AIWaft smart board An integrated RJ45 connection and Monitoring software allows you to remotely set up and manage display content, flashing massages from a PC or laptop. You can remotely turn the display off, adjust volume level and other setting via control software.
Multi-Touch 40 Point Multi - Touch capabilities with precision to deliver superior writing performance and touch accuracy. Multiple users can simultaneously write or draw on the display’s surface using Finger / stylus at the same time.
User-Friendly Frequently used function pen tools, enlargement tools & all common task and most used tools is accessed on Home Screen. Three USB slot for Android & PC is also on front panel for easy access. Operation multi touch functionality makes it simple to move graphics object or your document and resize them. Multiple people can also interact same time.
Detachable PC Module 1-5 / 1-7 with 4 / 8 GB RAM, 128, 256,,1000 GB HDD/SSD, Audio Codec-HD Audio, LAN RJ45 10/100/1000M, WiFi, 802, 11ac, USB 2.0/3.0, HDMI, Audio.

Features on Android Platform

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1. Drag N Drop feature in AIWaft smart board Drag Image from Browser & Drop to Whiteboard
2. Multi-window Mode in AIWaft smart board 4-way Split window
3. Picture-In-Picture Any input over Android
4. Whiteboard Sharing Export, QR Code, e-mail & Cloud storage
5. Handwritten Recognition Available
6. Multiuser Whiteboard Up to 4 User simultaneous whiteboard
7. Shape Recognition Available
8. Interactive File Manager Direct Sharing of file from file manager through QR code
9. 9 Way Screen sharing Android, Win, Mac, IOS
10. Inbuilt Geometrical Tools Compass, Protector, Set-Square
11. Maths Formula Tools Type and insert formula to whiteboard
12. Calculative Graph Tools All types of graphs with equation on whiteboard
13. 3-D Shapes 3D Geometrical shapes with rotation & colour filling


Board-In-Board Available
15. Inbuilt 3-D Planetary System All planets with 3D rotation facility
16. Inbuilt Recording Available
17. Sticky Notes Available
18 Mind Map Available
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Aiwaft Smart Board: Unbeatable Features

High-Resolution Display

A top-quality interactive flat panel should offer a high-resolution display, such as 4K or even 8K, providing sharp and clear visuals for presentations, videos, and interactive content.

Multi-Touch Capability

A critical feature is the ability to support multiple touch points simultaneously. This enables collaborative interactions, such as pinch-to-zoom, drawing, and dragging, just like using a tablet or smartphone.

Interactive Pen Support

The inclusion of interactive pens or styluses allows for precise writing and drawing on the screen, making it ideal for educational and creative purposes.

Fast and Accurate Touch Response

An unbeatable interactive flat panel should have minimal latency in touch response, providing a smooth and natural user experience.

Built-in Operating System or Software

A powerful integrated operating system or software suite can enhance productivity by allowing users to run apps, browse the web, and access cloud-based services directly from the panel.

Wireless Connectivity:

The ability to connect wirelessly to the panel from various devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones is a convenient feature for presentations and collaboration.

Collaboration Tools

Effective collaboration tools such as screen sharing, split-screen mode, and whiteboarding functionalities can greatly enhance teamwork and productivity.


Characters of Aiwaft interactive Flat panel

Integration with Other Tools

Compatibility with various software applications, hardware devices, and ecosystem integrations can make the interactive flat panel a versatile hub for various tasks.

Customization Options

The ability to customize the panel's settings, interface, and features according to user preferences and specific use cases can be a significant advantage.

Wide Viewing Angles

An interactive flat panel with wide viewing angles ensures that everyone in the room can see the content clearly, regardless of where they are seated.

Security Features

Advanced security measures, including data encryption, user authentication, and remote device management, are crucial for protecting sensitive information.

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