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How to Use Social Media for Engaging Online Class Studios

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter may help you promote your course efficiently. Every day, millions of people use these social networking apps. All you have to do is discover people who are interested in your course and sell it to them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes longer to produce results than social media marketing. Growing a social media following organically takes less time than increasing blog visits or YouTube subscribers through SEO.

With remote learning and developing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), social media is more important than ever in education. There are several methods to use social media for education both in and out of the classroom.

Tips to Use Social Media for Online Classes

Other courses should be promoted

Find the greatest online courses that compliment your course from other producers in your area. These are available on online learning sites such as Skillshare and Udemy. You may then promote their course on your social media networks and notify them that you are doing so. They will promote your course once they understand that you are in charge of the sales. As a result, you will get new students for your online course. Other courses might also be recommended within your online course. For example, if the scope of your course does not include a certain topic, you might recommend another course that does. Those course designers are capable of doing the same for you.

Make a Facebook community for people who are interested in your industry. People may talk about their concerns and help each other here. Engage with these folks in the comments section by providing them with useful advice. In the view of the group members, this will position you as an expert.

Send a direct message to the people who post in the group. This adds a more personal touch to it. Without holding back, assist them with the situation they are experiencing. Then you may promote your course to them and explain to them how it can help them with their problems. Increase your online course sales regularly and share testimonials from your students in the group.

Create a separate private group for persons who have purchased the course in addition to this public group.

Make Contact with Your Students

When it comes to connecting people, social media is extremely powerful, and as a teacher, you should make the most of it. Apart from using social media into your teaching, this may also be a means for you to learn about what occurs in your students' life after class and what happens outside of the classroom.

Connecting with your students will allow you to learn more about them and how they deal with life. This might come in helpful in the future if a student needs your assistance!

Social media has long developed to serve the education industry and serve as a learning platform. It is your obligation as a teacher to serve as a role model for your pupils not just in the classroom but also on digital platforms such as social media.

Contact Influencers to promote your courses or brand

Determine which social media accounts your target audience follows. Examine their level of involvement. Be careful of accounts with a large number of followers but few likes and comments on their posts. These are either dead or controlled by bots. Make a list of the accounts you want to approach after you've located them. You may contact them through DM or email. Inquire about their charges for shoutouts.

For marketing, provide them with photographs, short films, and subtitles. To determine the conversion rate, try different influencers. Repeat the shoutouts from the accounts that bring you the most sales.

Create something Fun

One of the most appealing aspects of social media is that it can create a pleasant and humorous environment in which one can exchange material. Your students are more likely to interact and share material that is entertaining and relatable. Using social media is just another opportunity to interact on a more personal level with your students. Not every information needs to be entertaining, but incorporating a relevant meme now and then might make students feel more connected to you as an instructor.

Paid ads on social media

One of the most fantastic aspects of social media is the ability to put sponsored advertisements on it. These advertisements are directed at those who are interested in your subject. Determine where your desired audience spends their time and place advertising on that social media network. This is the easiest approach to sell your course.


Using social media for education extends beyond the classroom by assisting instructors in shaping a modern holistic learning experience, building community, and establishing academic authority. Apply these strategies to online course promotion and see the results. At Edusqaudz, we also help you in promoting your courses by way of digital marketing. We assist you in making your online presence in the market.

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