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Studio setup equipment for beginners

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Do you believe choosing the correct studio setup equipment for a comprehensive home video recording studio for your online classes is difficult? It is not difficult since you must understand how the recording system operates. Use this guidance and the equipment listed below to regulate and enhance the quality of your recording or live class process! We will concentrate more on establishing a home video recording studio for your online classes.

Setting up a video recording studio at home and getting the studio setup equipment appears to be an expensive investment. However, it does not have to be as costly as you believe. You can create one in your own house for a lot less money. 'Where can I get cheap home video recording studio equipment?' This is a question I'm sure you're asking yourself. But don't worry, you've arrived at the perfect place!

Here are the Studio setup equipment for beginners

Home Video Recording Cameras

You will need a high-resolution video to upload quickly and smoothly. At least 720p (1280x720) at 30 frames per second is recommended. Except for previous versions of Android, when you may need to adjust the settings manually, this is a typical default option on most smartphones and cameras.

While uploading at 1080p is ideal since it produces stunning results, this higher-quality video may take longer to load. Because users frequently have mobile phones with lesser download rates or cap constraints, practically everyone prefers 720p footage. Here are two possibilities for you to consider as a part of studio setup equipment:

rates or cap constraints, practically everyone prefers 720p footage. Here are two possibilities for you to consider as a part of studio setup equipment:
    • A mobile phone

Excellent news! Most recent smartphones are capable of capturing high-quality video, allowing you to utilize your phone for both recording and editing videos. If you take this route, make sure your phone has a 4K resolution (most cameras do). Yes, turn your phone horizontally and begin recording your lectures. This is a fantastic alternative if you are a beginner and do not want to invest in an expensive camera.

    You're fine to go as long as the video quality is good! Make sure you have adequate memory capacity on your phone and that your framing captures all of you before you hit record.
  • Camera+Lens+Memory Card
  • If you're a pro and have the funds, I recommend improving your video creation. I believe the best approach is to get a camera with a flip-out screen that allows you to see yourself while recording. If you have a limited budget, DSLR cameras are the finest option. When shooting, these cameras always have a huge screen that swings out so you can watch yourself. You can contact Edusquadz and we will guide you with the best camera options as per your needs.

 Studio setup equipment

Tripods and camera mounts for your online classes

You may have an expensive camera, but without a good method for recording video material, all you have is a nice paperweight. A top-quality camera mount for your camera is one of the most important pieces of studio setup equipment you can buy for your online lectures. Here are several camera mounts/tripods that will work with the setups we detailed before in this article:

  • A Portable Tripod

This professional-grade video camera tripod has a quick and simple method for mounting your camera or smartphone on a tripod. Simply place the supplied Universal Smartphone adapter or GoPro attachment, insert it into the adaptor, and mount it to your tripod. The tripod has a built-in bubble level for quick setup and a three-way head with tilt and swivel movements in portrait or landscape orientation. You'll also receive a carrying case and two mounting plates that will suit practically any video, digital, or still camera. The lightweight, durable aluminum design provides ideal stability and longevity; the maximum load capacity is 3kg for best performance. This tripod includes adjustable legs and rubber feet, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

There are other options available for tripods, but you can select the best-suited tripod for you once you have selected the camera that you’ll use for video recording. Therefore, once you have selected the camera, you can Edusquadz and we can select the options available for a best-suited tripod.


If you're creating a how-to video for YouTube, an external microphone that's simple to set up might be useful. A good microphone is an essential part of any high-quality online audio course. Even the finest material cannot compensate for poor audio quality. A decent microphone will make your students' experience more pleasurable and allow them to focus on what is important.

        • Sennheiser wireless
        • This can be the best studio setup equipment. It comes with a bodypack transmitter and sturdy instrument Diversity reception via cable antenna swapping with integrated antennas. Moreover, it has UHF frequencies with selectable bandwidth. For simple setup, automatic frequency management and synchronization via remote channel are used. Interestingly, it has an AF frequency response of 50 to 16,000 Hz (-3 dB), and comes included with a rackmount kit included. You can buy this microphone from here. Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone

      • AHUJA MTP-20 Lavalier Microphone

    The AHUJA MTP-20 Lavalier Microphone provides a clean and sharp voice for video shooting. Suitable for use with a camera, smartphone, DSLR, or PC for video recording. This microphone connects to a 3.5mm socket device. Deducts background sound when creating a video, resulting in excellent audio. You can buy this microphone from here - AHUJA MTP-20 Lavalier Microphone

    Video Recording Light

    Lighting your space is important for a variety of reasons. You want to make sure that the perfect quantity of light is reaching your subject but to do so, you'll need to purchase some lighting that provides the right sort of brightness. Let's look at some possibilities for properly lighting your videos:

      • Natural light

    You can position yourself facing a window instead of investing in an external lighting setup. The simplest and cheapest approach to setting up a recording studio is to record with your phone and use natural light from a window as a light source. Natural lighting is extremely attractive and may significantly increase the quality of your video, but you must examine where the light is coming from to avoid exposure difficulties. If you use proper natural light, any external studio setup equipment for lightning is not required.

      • External Lightning Setup

    If natural light is not sufficient then you will be required to use external lights. Now, there are many options for external lighting such as ring lights or external lighting panels. It will depend upon your studio setup and lighting requirements, which will be the best option for you. Therefore, you can contact Edusqauz, we will analyze your studio setup and then will recommend the best-suited lighting setup for you.


    If you intend to operate in a video recording studio, make sure you select your studio setup equipment carefully. It will decide the effectiveness of your videos as well as the efficiency of your process. If you follow the advice above, you will find yourself working under the finest possible conditions. Moreover, you can get help from the experts at Edusquadz in selecting the finest studio setup equipment for you.

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