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How to start an offline coaching center?

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Have you ever wondered why Unacademy, Physics Wallah, Byjus, Utkarsh, and all such big coaching institutes are opening their offline coaching centers in the already education hub cities? Even when they have a huge subscriber base on YouTube and a wide reach online. So, the only reason for setting up offline centers is money. This is because, in online coaching, you can only earn a limited amount. Everyone knows that the pandemic has ended and therefore, students wish to go for offline classes. Moreover, money can be made only through offline coaching. This does not mean that the online era has ended. But, the online and offline coaching ratio is 50% each.

How to start an offline coaching center?

Here are the steps that you must follow while starting an offline coaching institute:

Focus on coaching name

If you have already launched online, then you must keep the same name for offline coaching as well. Otherwise, you must search for a unique name. Do not copy any name from existing big brands, always go for a unique name.

From where to start the Coaching institute

Teachers generally ask whether they should start the offline classes from their homes. So, it depends, if your house is near a coaching hub point in the city, then you can start from your home. Moreover, it is always recommended to identify the coaching hub in the city and then start. Even if you are a new teacher, search for a small premises in the famous area. It is not very costly; you only need to search for it.

Select the perfect premises

Always remember that the premises you will take must have a washroom, parking, and a separate area for the director’s cabin or you can merge the counseling section with your cabin. Whenever any parent or student visits your coaching, they sit in the counseling section and you must start impressing them from the very first stage. Therefore, your coaching must have these things.

Learning Management System (LMS)
If you wish to teach in the hybrid setup then you will be required to have your own LMS i.e. the application of your coaching institute. You do not need to incur huge costs for that, you can call us at +91 9755440107 and you will get full guidance.
Smart Classes

In today’s digital era, a smart board is a basic need, you can set up smart classes and show this to the students, and they will be more interested. You can also switch to a hybrid setup where you can teach offline and online students simultaneously. This setup requires a Panel, system, internet connection, and proper lighting. Here, you can record the sessions and teach on your application. Moreover, you can also upload videos on YouTube. In this way, you will be able to maintain your coaching in both online and offline ways. You can contact us at +91 9755440107 for all the details and to set up a hybrid setup anywhere in India.


Branding is very important; you will be required to have your logo in front of your institute. The benefit of setting up a coaching institute in an education hub is that students come for counseling after seeing your posters and logo. Therefore, branding is very important so that people can start recognizing your institute. In the interior part, always remember to design the counseling section in a proper manner where the student can find testimonials, results, etc. Therefore, it is quite important to set up the interior and exterior properly.

Focus Area
You must always start the coaching with the subject or exam in which you have expertise. Later on, you can expand your horizons.
Requirement of Teachers
While starting a small offline coaching, it is not possible to hire teachers on a salary basis. Therefore, you can start giving percentages to the teachers on the basis of the number of students in your institute. This way you will be able to gather teachers easily. Moreover, you can also hire teachers on an hourly basis, but first, you must make a schedule of everything and the number of hours required for a single subject
Mouth Publicity

The best way to expand an offline coaching institute is mouth publicity. When you conduct timely tests, take weekly feedback, provide notes, and test series, this way you are able to have a good impact on students. Moreover, you can also market your institute in this way.

Time Management

In the initial days, you will have more than one class in the same classroom. Therefore, you must know time management. Therefore, you need to schedule the batches in a manner so that you can manage all the classes in two classrooms.

Better Atmosphere

In order to provide a decent atmosphere to the students, you must have AC, cooler, or fans in the classes. Moreover, the classrooms must have proper lighting, and other motivational things that can keep on motivating students.

Points to remember while setting up an offline Institute
  • Do not make unnecessary expenditures on the offline setup, always proceed while saving money. This is because you will be required to make a lot of expenses in marketing and other things as well.
  • In the era of competition, profit-making is crucial. You must charge the fees according to your monthly expenses and target students. For example, if your monthly expense is 50,000 and the target students are 50, then after taking average of the both, you will get 1,000 as the answer. Therefore, you must charge the minimum monthly fee of Rs. 1,000. Moreover, you can add the profit per student to the fees as per your own calculation. For example, if you want to earn Rs. 500 profits from each student, then the fees charged by every student will be Rs. 1,500.
  • Offline and Online teaching are two different facets. You can charge a much lower fee from the online students, but in the offline setup, the fees can be charged as per the expenses.
  • It is important to understand, that you can never operate a business at a loss in offline coaching. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for you to manage the institute for a longer duration.


You can always compete with the biggest institutes in India. The only things required are hard work and your content. If you are able to give 20 to 30 results in the first year and communicate this to all the people, then you can give neck-to-neck competition to the big institutes. Always remember, in offline coaching, the local institute performs pretty well than the institutes operating in the franchise model. Therefore, you must start today because starting is very important. The best tip is that before starting your own institute, you can work as a faculty in any other coaching and understand the working, and atmosphere. Moreover, before starting an offline institute, always register it. To learn about the Offline coaching registration process, you can watch this video -

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