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In order to make a good-quality video, a decent camera and proper lighting are a must. So, today, I will let you know about a camera that offers the best quality. Although, this camera is not very cheap in price, but, it is quite affordable. We’ll be understanding all about its durability, features, etc. Furthermore, we’ll also understand whether teachers with a less budget shall make videos using this camera or not. This is the new Evota PTZ Camera.

This camera offers almost similar features as the 4K PTZ camera. You’ll get the option of zoom-in, or zoom-out from the remote. It allows you to create multiple scenes. Basically, you can operate the camera from its remote.

Difference between 4K PTZ Camera and Evota 10X HD Camera

There is no doubt that the 4K PTZ is the best quality camera, but it is really expensive. You’ll get it at a minimum price of Rs. 75,000 if you buy from Edusquadz. Whereas, if you have less budget, you can definitely go for Evota PTZ, it offers decent quality. This camera is capable of properly covering the digital board and whiteboard. Both cameras come with a remote. You can set multiple scenes in both cameras. Furthermore, both are PTZ cameras.

The only difference is that the 4K PTZ camera offers 14X Zoom. Whereas, the Evota PTZ camera offers 10X zoom. This means that you can easily place that 4K PTZ camera at a distance for shooting. But, Evota PTZ must be placed at a distance of 6 feet for best results, otherwise, you may experience blurry quality.

Inclusion with the Evota PTZ Camera

While unboxing the Evota PTZ Camera, you will find the following things:

  • 2 power cables
  • 1 cable for connecting the system and USB
  • Remote for better operation, containing similar options that come with a 4K PTZ remote.
  • Evota PTZ Camera

This is a rotating camera with 360-degree up and down movement. This also consists of zoom-in and zoom-out features. Here, you will have to purchase two things extra, one is the cable. As the cable that comes with the camera is 2.5-inch that is quite short. So, you will require a long cable. Furthermore, you will also require an additional stand to hang the camera. Generally, the price charged for the cable and stand is a hidden cost. But, if you buy this camera from Edusquadz, we charge no hidden cost and we have made a package where you will get the cable and stand along with the camera.

Lighting plays a very important role with this camera. If you want the best output, then you will require proper lighting from the top, bottom and sides as well. Otherwise, you won’t get the best possible outcome.



If you will take the 4K PTZ camera from, then you can get it at a discounted price of Rs. 75,000. Whereas, as per the commitment, we will provide you Evota PTZ camera at a much lower cost than this. So, you will get the Evota PTZ at Rs. 44,000 along with a stand, cable, and its extension. Now, if we calculate the price likewise, then the cost of cable is Rs. 2,000 and, the price of stand is Rs. 2,500.

Moreover, you get free shipping with this. Also, we will send a technical person to your place for proper installation. Now, you will have to purchase lighting separately, but we can commit that our technical team help you with proper lighting installation as well. After all of this, you will get this camera only for Rs. 44,000. Now, if we calculate the miscellaneous cost, that is for dispatch, we pay around Rs. 2,000. Moreover, the cost of sending a person to your place comes to around Rs. 5,000. Therefore, all the expenses that we incur for sending a camera come down to Rs.12K to 14K. Embedded YouTube Video

EMI Options

If are unable to pay Rs. 44,000 at once. Therefore, you can get the EMI option, but for this having a credit card is a necessity. Here, if you have a credit card then you can avail the EMI option. But for this, you will have to pay an extra 2% payment gateway charge, which will cost you around Rs. 1,000. This will be a more feasible option if you do not wish to pay the whole amount together. Even, if you go for 6 months of EMI, you will be able to pay the cost by paying Rs. 7,000 per month


In order to experience the video quality, you can watch this video - This video is made with the Evota PTZ camera, and we have tried to provide the best possible outcome that this camera can offer. You can watch the video, and if you like the quality, then you can definitely purchase this camera. As this is the most budget-friendly camera at this time that offers decent quality. Being a teacher, you must always think of investing in the products that can help you grow. With the help of this camera, you can also stream live videos. For any further details, you can contact us at 9755440107 


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