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Upgrade Your Old Panel with OPS: A Smart Alternative to Replacement

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Table of Contents
  • Introduction

  • Why Not Replace When You Can Upgrade?

  • Differentiating Android and Windows Technologies

  • The Role of OPS in Enhancing Panels

  • Simple Installation Process

  • AIWAFT's Advanced OPS Solution

  • Conclusion

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Interactive flat panels (IFPs) are powerful tools widely used in education, corporate environments, and various other sectors. However, as technology progresses, many users find their panels becoming slow and outdated. Instead of considering costly replacements, there's a more efficient solution: upgrading with OPS (Open Pluggable Specification).


Why Not Replace When You Can Upgrade?

Replacing an old interactive flat panel can be expensive and unnecessary. Often, the primary issue lies in the onboard Android OS, which over time, fails to keep up with modern demands. Here’s why upgrading with OPS is a smarter choice:

  1. Cost Savings: Upgrading with OPS is significantly cheaper than purchasing a new panel.
  2. Sustainability: Reduces electronic waste by extending the life of your existing equipment.
  3. Performance Boost: Provides a substantial improvement in processing power and efficiency.


Differentiating Android and Windows Technologies

To understand the benefits of OPS, it's essential to compare the core differences between Android and Windows operating systems:

Android Technology:

  1. Designed for Mobility: Primarily built for mobile devices, hence limited in handling extensive multitasking and high-performance applications.
  2. Performance Limitations: Older versions struggle with modern applications, leading to slow and unresponsive panels.
  3. Update Challenges: Android updates are less frequent and can leave devices outdated quickly.
  4. Limited Professional Applications: Not ideal for environments requiring robust, professional-grade software.


Windows Technology:

  1. Designed for Versatility: Built to handle a wide range of devices, including high-performance desktops and IFPs.
  2. Superior Processing Power: Excellent for multitasking and running complex applications smoothly.
  3. Regular Updates: Frequent updates ensure the system stays current and secure.
  4. Access to Professional Software: Compatible with a vast array of professional applications, enhancing productivity and functionality.


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The Role of OPS in Enhancing Panels

OPS modules can convert your existing Android-based panel into a high-performance Windows-based system. Here’s how OPS makes a difference:

  1. Seamless Integration: OPS modules fit directly into the panel’s dedicated slot, ensuring easy installation.
  2. Upgraded OS: Transforms your panel’s operating system from Android to the latest Windows OS, providing better performance and compatibility.
  3. Enhanced Capabilities: Unlocks the full potential of your panel with access to more powerful applications and features.


Simple Installation Process

Upgrading your panel with OPS is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Locate the Slot: Find the OPS slot on the back of your panel.
  2. Insert the Module: Plug the OPS module into the slot.
  3. Power Up: Turn on your panel, and the OPS module will integrate seamlessly, enhancing your system instantly.

This easy plug-and-play process ensures that anyone can upgrade their panel without needing technical expertise.


AIWAFT's Advanced OPS Solution

AIWAFT offers a cutting-edge, cost-effective OPS module designed to rejuvenate your old panels. Our OPS modules feature:

  1. i5 12th Generation Processor: Provides exceptional performance and speed.
  2. 256GB SSD: Ensures fast storage and quick access to applications and data.

By integrating AIWAFT’s OPS module, you can significantly boost your panel’s performance, making it as good as new, if not better.



Don’t rush to replace your aging interactive flat panel. Upgrading with OPS is a smart, economical, and sustainable solution that brings your technology back to life. With AIWAFT’s state-of-the-art OPS modules, you can transform your panel into a powerful and efficient tool that meets today’s technological demands.


Ready to upgrade your interactive flat panel? Contact us today to learn more about AIWAFT's OPS solutions and how they can transform your technology. Share your experiences and ask any questions in the comments below. Let’s make your panels faster, smarter, and more efficient together!


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