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  • What Constitutes of a Studio Setup?

  • Which is the Best Fit for You?

  • Which is an ideal place to buy a Studio Setup?

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In this drastic era of modernization, we seldom see the education industry evolving and adapting to new trends. On one side staying up-to-date is a must in this digital generation, whereas, on the other side staying updated not only advances you but benefits your profession too. Teaching has always been a collaborative and kind of consumer-molded perspective, well at least it has become now. Speaking of traditional teaching methods, students back then had no aspirations for a ‘type’ of teaching, and so the give-and-take relationship remained traditional and uncomplicated. But if you are said to teach a class of students today, you’ll have to meet certain criteria, like an engaged class, a digital class, and a type of teaching that keeps them hooked.

In order to meet up with these, schools and coachings started building digital classrooms for their students and the response was tremendous. It benefitted everyone in their respective fields.

For students, it was a real-time experience and a simplified explanation of complex topics.

For teachers, it was a much less time-consuming process and was collaborative.

For YouTube teachers, it resulted in 10x growth of their channel and teaching business.

So if you also have settled on a plan of action, to buy a teaching studio setup, then this article is your ultimate and in-depth guide, from types of equipment to budget, we will discuss everything enabling you to make a decision that fits both, your needs and your means.


What Constitutes of a Studio Setup?

Firstly, let's have clarity on what a studio setup is and what kinds and types work best for you. We'll discuss the budget and other alternatives later on.

Digital Panel:

First and foremost, the hero of any studio is an interactive flat panel. This cutting-edge item is what you need for your educational & presentational purpose. Increase the engagement by 10x by installing this feature-rich interactive flat panel which comes with loads of amenities such as durability & high quality.
You can easily turn your classes into a chemical laboratory or a Milky Way galaxy. You get all the subjective tools like a ruler, compass, periodic table, globe, beakers, shapes, and much more. This makes your class collaborative and highly engaging. And if you buy it from Edusquadz Technologies, you can enjoy great offers plus you get a thorough training of the panel and installation at your location.
It comes in three variants, 65”, 75” and 86”. The size predominantly depends on your usage and the space. Whether you’re planning to buy it for your online, offline, or hybrid coaching class, it will give you exponential growth.

PTZ Camera:

The second most important thing in a studio is a camera, and quality is the most essential in a video. It can make or break your video. No matter how good your content is, if the quality is not attainable, you won't be able to hook up your viewers until the end. The video quality holds reliability in a viewer’s eye & can be a game changer. With our PTZ camera, the content you put up enhances & does justice to the overall quality of the video. You can opt for a camera according to your budget. Comes in multiple variants, out of which some good ones are, a 4K PTZ camera, 12x HD camera, and 10x HD camera. Apart from these you also can choose between some webcams and E-PTZs. It totally depends on your usage and budget.

Lighting Solution:

lighting is a phenomenal part of not only a studio setup but for any video or reel or set or an image. Because lighting is supposed to portray you very professionally and seamlessly. While it adds to the quality and grading of your video, is of no less importance than a camera. Moreover, having a good & professional lighting setup can boost your views and essentially, you won’t be required to edit your videos heavily. The lighting adds up to its natural essence making it watchworthy.
If you are confused about what lighting setup would go well with your studio, then you can check out Edusquadz’s personalized solution of 9 light panels. Similarly, a solution of 7 and 4 lights is also available, so you can conveniently shop keeping your budget in mind.


Ask yourself a question, what if you’re watching a video with great content and good quality but when the speaker starts speaking he sounds like someone is continuously rubbing his mic, or it is being swallowed, would you want to watch the video till the end?
No, right? For instance, one can compromise on quality or lighting a bit when it comes to great content, but if your voice isn’t up to scratch then you’ll fail in delivering your content, which ultimately results in bad reach and` watch time. You can consider getting a wired or wireless mic as per your budget and means. Have a crisp, clear & perfect audio with Edusquadz’s exponential range of microphones.

Display System:

If you are buying a studio setup, then this is what completes it. Edusquadz recommends you go for a system of i5 or i7 configuration, the reason being that your mic, comment screen, and audio systems are connected in OBS, and OBS can only be operated in a system with efficient configuration as i5 or i7. An alternative of it could be your existing laptop but only if the configuration is of the required criteria. If you are eyeing a hybrid class setup, then Edusquadz’s display system is a must for you.

Comment screen:

The reason this is included in a studio setup is to ease the hustle of a hybrid coaching teacher. This is installed in such a way that either adjacent to your system or in a place where your offline class would not get hindered and you can simply read comments during your Livestream or online class.

Which is the Best Fit for You?

Digital panel

65-inch: If you are buying it for the purpose of an online class, then this size is a great fit for you.

75-inch: If you have an offline class of 40–50 students and have multiple teachers coming to teach on the panel, then this is quite a great option. This is the size that most teachers prefer.

86-inch: This huge screen is mostly installed in hybrid coaching classes or offline classes where students range between 80 and 100. If you have a massive area, then you can utilize this panel since it gives a substantial experience.

Some good brands you can consider are Evota, AIWaft, Maxhub, and Tutor Plus. You can check out the rest on our website in the shop section. 



Affordable options: 10x HD PTZ or 12X HD PTZ. You can begin with these two if you are a bit tight on budget but still want good quality. The other two alternatives are E-PTZ and 4K webcams. These can be used for video conferencing by simply attaching them to the top of a digital panel. offers great quality and connectivity.

4K PTZ Camera: If you have quite a budget, then without any second thought, you should go for this camera. This is an all-in-one device that connects and offers beautiful quality. Nevertheless, 85% of teachers prefer this camera only, and it is a go-to for online teachers.


Lighting Solution

Solution 4 and 7: These two are customised budget options and are good to start with.

Solution of 9 lights: This goes best with a hybrid class setup and fits perfectly with any studio and space.



Online Class: Wired and wireless mics from Boya or Ahuja are options to consider when you are buying them for an online class. Further, if you increase your budget or plan to in the future, then you can go for Sennheiser’s wired or wireless. As per your comfort and convenience.

Hybrid Class: For a hybrid coaching class, a teacher is always recommended to buy a Sennheiser’s mic, because if you consider it, then your online students won't get bothered by the offline ambiance or chatter.


Which is an ideal place to buy a Studio Setup?

Whether you plan to buy a digital board or a complete studio setup, edusquadz is a one-stop solution for all your digital needs. With over 10,000+ studio setups and 10 lakh+ happy creators all over India, edusquadz is the leading studio setup provider in India.

Solution-based service being their USP, they provide installation services at your location conducted by an experienced team of technicians.

If you are planning to go online with your classes or start your YouTube channel, you are just a step away from THE best in the industry.

The only company in India that emphasises services and customer satisfaction. The quality of their product will sweep you off your feet, while their prices will amaze you.

So if you are considering an option where you’d not have to break the bank and not compromise on either quality or money, choose edusquadz and get the service of a lifetime.

 Teaching Studio Setup


Creating an engaging online learning environment doesn't have to be overwhelming. By investing in a well-equipped teaching studio setup, you can transform your lessons, boost student engagement, and reach a wider audience.

This article has equipped you with the knowledge to choose the right equipment for your needs, from interactive digital panels to crystal-clear audio solutions. Remember, the ideal setup depends on your budget, teaching style, and class size.

With the right tools and a touch of creativity, you can create a dynamic online classroom that inspires and educates your students.


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Happy teaching!

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