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How to buy a Digital Board on EMI?

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How to Purchase a Digital Smart Board through EMI

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Today’s blog is very important for all teachers and digital creators. Here we will be talking about how you can buy the digital smart board on EMI. As we all know studio setup is a costly affair. Therefore, not all teachers or creators can afford to pay the price of a complete studio setup at once. To solve this problem, Edusquadz has come up with a solution. We will be telling you the way through which you can take the complete studio setup, including mic, camera, digital, etc., on EMI. So, for this, you can take a loan from a bank by using the simple steps we will discuss in this blog.

Digital Smart Board on EMI: Documents required for Loan

  1. Registration Certificate for coaching classes. If, your institute is not yet registered, then you can watch this video -, and get it registered as soon as possible.
  2. Aadhar card, PAN card.
  3. Coaching registration certification shall be issued only in the name of the founder.
  4. Quotation of complete studio setup that includes the prices of all the gadgets you wish to purchase. Edusquadz will help you prepare the quotation.
  5. The bank will check the CIBIL Score of the person taking a loan.
  6. ITR of last 3 years. You must try to take a loan through Mudra Yojana, this scheme is especially for startups. Here, banks do not ask for your ITR and you will get a loan at a low rate of interest.

Digital Smart Board 

Who should take a Loan?

• If you have no monthly income, then you should never approach towards taking a loan. You must understand that even if you take a minimum loan of Rs. 1 lakh, then you will have to pay at least Rs 2,500 to 2,700 per month for 5 years. Therefore, if you take a loan of Rs. 2 lakhs or 3 lakhs, then you must have at least Rs. 4,800 and 7,200 respectively per month to repay the loan along with interest.
• Therefore, you should take a loan, only if you have a sufficient amount of monthly earnings that you can pay back the loan amount easily.

Number of days required to take for Digital Smart Board Loan? The process of taking a loan is easy, you just need to submit the necessary documents to the bank. You must know the digital board price to prepare a proper quotation. Once, you submit complete documents, you will get a loan in 8 to 10 working days.

Procedure for taking a Loan for Studio Setup

• You must put a little effort and search for a government bank in your area such as the Bank of India, SBI, or another such bank. • Moreover, meet the branch manager, he will guide you through the process and documents required. • For getting a quotation, you can call us at +91 96693 79370. We’ll definitely help you.

Things to Remember

Digital Smart Board

• You must always remember that if you want a loan of Rs. 3,20,000 for studio setup, then the bank will only give you 75% of the asked amount. This means you will have to arrange the 25% of the amount on your own.
• Moreover, Edusquadz not only helps you with complete studio setup. We also tell you how to use the equipment and get the best possible outcome. Furthermore, we always help you grow and be different from others.
• This is an investment that you will make in taking a loan for your studio setup, but in order to repay it back, you will have to work hard. Repayment of a loan is not a big deal if you will work properly. Edusquadz will tell you how you can make money from your new setup.


If you are financially stable, then you must make this one-time investment and take the studio setup. But, remember, never let your motivation get down. Smartboard for teaching is the best equipment that will help you grow. Always remember, investment done on digital setup will never backfire. For more details, you can call us at +91 96693 79370. Watch this video for a better understanding -
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