Best Mic for Youtubers and Teachers

Best Mic for Youtubers and Teachers

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One of the most important aspects of teaching is to select the best mic for YouTubers and teachers. Many great teachers have earned huge names and fame in the Online teaching industry with the help of YouTube. I am talking about Khan Sir, Awadh Ojha Sir, Physics Wallah Sir, and Himanshi Madam. But do you know all of them have one thing in common apart from their teaching skills? That common thing is the sound quality that you might have heard during their lectures. You might be confused about how the sound quality in the videos of all of these educators remains the same. So, it is because of the mic that they use.

All of these teachers actually use the same Mic, and today, I am going to tell you the details about that mic along with the full installation process. Although this mic is not a cheaper one. But, in the end, you will find a way through which you can get this mic at a discounted price


Equipment that will come with the Mic

You’ll get the following equipment’s with the mic:
  • Manual – The manual does the work of guiding you through the steps of installation along with a few guidelines.
  • Transmitter – It is used to transmit the audio signals from the microphone to the nearby receiver.
  • Receiver - The signals are taken from the transmitter by a wireless microphone system receiver and converted back into audio. Your camera or other recording device is connected to it.
  • Charger – The charger is simply used to charge the microphone.
  • 2 cells – The microphone comes with 2 cells that do the work of power source for the microphone and the transmitter.
  • Electric Converters - A power converter's job is to process and regulate the movement of electrical energy by delivering voltages and currents in
  • Belt – It does the work of providing support to the microphone and your neck.

Process of Setting up the Microphone

The best mic for YouTubers and Teachers shall be set through the following process:
  • Firstly, you need to fix the converter in the adapter.
  • Then, open the transmitter and insert the batteries in it.
  • Switch on the power of the transmitter with the help of the red button inside the transmitter.
  • A green light will display, and the transmitter also has the option to mute and unmute at the top.
  • A green light will display, and the transmitter also has the option to mute and unmute at the top.
  • Furthermore, you need to wear the mic behind your neck and connect its cable to the transmitter and lock it by rotating it in the right direction.
  • Now, simply put the transmitter in your pocket while teaching.
  • You will also require an extra cable with the microphone. So, that you can connect it to the system.
  • Connect the jack on the additional cable to the receiver and connect it with the power extension.
  • The other end of the additional cable can be connected to the system or camera.
  • In order to connect the receiver and transmitter, you need to open the transmitter, and you will find a black button. Click on it, and both devices will be synced automatically.

What is the importance of the built quality of a Mic?

Before purchasing any microphone, the first thing you must check is its built quality. If you purchase a cheap mic with poor built quality, then it will end up breaking very easily. The wire of the microphone keeps on stretching while teaching, and due to this reason, the built quality of the microphone must be good so that it won’t break from between even on rough use. The Sennheiser Wireless Headset Mic XSW 1-ME3-A has amazing build quality and is easy to use.

Reasons to Buy Sennheiser Wireless Headset

  • This microphone is very comfortable.
  • The microphone is easy to use.
  • The built quality of this Sennheiser wireless headset is commendable.
  • This mic gives the best-built quality in this range.
  • The charger comes with a DC current.
  • You can use this mic in a hybrid mode of teaching where you can take online and offline classes simultaneously.
  • This Microphone comes with noise cancellation, and due to this feature, you can use this microphone anywhere and record video or take live classes.
  • You can also control the sound of your voice through the transmitter.
  • The microphones come with a warranty, and you can re-claim it in case of any defects.

Range of Sennheiser Wireless Headset

The range of this microphone is 20 ft which means you can use it in any big classroom or auditorium without facing any voice issues. You can address a large audience with the help of this microphone during an event or conference consisting of hundreds of people. As the microphone has commendable wireless connectivity.

Power consumption of Sennheiser Wireless Headset

You will be pleased to know that this microphone will save your electricity bill. As it uses very less amount of power compared to other microphones. Even if you get a mic at a lower price even then a lot of your money will be wasted on paying the electricity bills. Even if we compare this microphone with other microphones, it consumes twice as much power as other mics.


After getting all the details about this microphone, you might have understood why this microphone is used at high levels by all renowned educators. If you are searching for the best mic for YouTubers and Teachers, then you can buy this microphone on Amazon for Rs 30,000 ( But, if you wish to get this microphone at a discounted price of Rs 25,000, then you can contact us at our Studio Consultancy Contact number, which is +919669379370. We also offer studio consultancy and digital marketing services for coaching institutes. Join hands with us and see your institute grow to great heights.

Most importantly, this microphone comes with a limited-period warranty, and you can re-claim the warranty if you face any difficulty while using it. Therefore, if you are an educator or teacher, then this is the most recommended Microphone for you. You can increase the level and quality of your teaching through this mic. Also, you can 0teach students in a hybrid mode, and now with the help of this Sennheiser microphone, you will be able to take both online and offline classes simultaneously. For more information you can watch this video

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