Transform corporate meetings and presentations with a digital panel

Transform corporate meetings and presentations with a digital panel

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All modern companies have made investments in cutting-edge workplace technology to motivate their staff to work more efficiently and quickly. However, because of the outdated meeting culture that emphasizes static presentations, this technology is underutilized and does not provide value for the company. Although interactive whiteboards and video conferencing systems are standard in high-tech meeting rooms, there is still no way to turn the typical conference into a productive, creative session.

Interactive meeting displays make conferences and meetings an incredible experience that yields worthwhile results. They aid companies in increasing productivity and promoting teamwork. More often than we realize, Interactive Displays are a major factor in modernizing meeting spaces because of their user-friendly interface and potent efficiency.

5 ways in which interactive display for meetings may change your meeting room

We've listed some incredible ways that Interactive Display for Meetings is changing the way people communicate in this blog.
Interactive displays enhance the comprehension and enjoyment of presentations in meeting rooms.

A presentation on an Ultra HD Interactive Display may have a greater effect and level of engagement than one on an Interactive Board or a projector screen. Interactive displays have a large color range, strong brightness, and an anti-glare display, making them an ideal tool for communication.

The focus of an interactive display is likewise shifted from the presenter to the audience and the material. It enables many users to wirelessly project material from their own devices, comment or write on the document that is being shown, and liven up presentations.

Increased Engagement Through Digital Whiteboard

The goal of utilizing a whiteboard component in a meeting is still to increase the interactivity, inclusivity, and yielding nature of group discussions and meetings. These days, interactive whiteboards, a digitalized replica of their analog counterparts have taken the role of traditional whiteboards. It gives group members a large, blank canvas on which to write their thoughts and work together. Multiple presenters can collaborate at the same time on a single board and come to a consensus because to its multi-touch features.

It Makes Data Sharing Simpler

Rather than stumbling to scribble key points in their notebooks, participants may concentrate on the material being presented. Screenshots and recordings can be used to communicate the post-meeting notes. Important points may be easily screenshotted from the Interactive Displays and emailed to many participants via email. Additionally, participants may share the full meeting in suitable formats with the aid of a 4K screen recording.

It Offers Workable Connectivity

Due to their numerous networking capabilities, connecting laptops and cellphones to Interactive Displays is a relatively straightforward process. It guarantees a wide range of data sharing and interconnectivity with its wireless screen mirroring and casting capability. There are no additional installs, dongles, or cable hassles thanks to the integrated software's plethora of user-friendly capabilities, which makes data sharing and collaboration simple and effortless. Because it gives everyone a chance to start a conversation, it encourages greater contribution from each member.

Start a Video Conference

Meeting rooms with interactive displays provide a more flexible and practical setting for video conferences. Any video conferencing camera may be quickly and easily installed thanks to the built-in camera mounting plate on top of it. It provides one-click video conferencing that doesn't require setup delays or cable hookups. All you have to do is call up to the far end and use an endpoint and interactive display to converse. The Interactive Display's 4-way split screen capability facilitates enhanced decision-making by providing a clearer view of both persons and material.


Saying that Interactive Displays are the lifeblood of a digitally equipped conference room wouldn't be an exaggeration. What textbooks are for schools, interactive displays are for meetings. They are now an essential component of every meeting or conference space and are no longer considered a luxury.

In addition to Interactive Displays, an extensive range of other digital technologies are available to improve the overall experience of meeting rooms and cooperation. For example, Smart Podium is an essential tool for lecture halls and conference rooms that seamlessly integrate with Interactive Displays. They provide presenters the flexibility to deliver their content without requiring them to manage a number of settings on the system. The presenter may effortlessly switch between content, manipulate content on the Interactive Display, and manage audio input and output with just a single touch due to the seamless interface and very intuitive multimedia controller.

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