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Low-Cost Online Teaching Set-up for Teachers

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In the last few years, as things have shifted online, teaching has witnessed a drastic change from offline learning to online. Therefore, there is a need to get some low-cost online teaching set up for teachers. As a consequence of the pandemic's development of online education, many freelance instructors have been trying to find a suitable approach to offer online lessons for their students. The expectations of teachers for online teaching setup are as varied as the students they may be teaching. Children, teens, young adults, and business professionals all have different expectations for online education.

Each product was assessed using four criteria: User Experience (for both teachers and students), Customization, Virtual Classroom, and, of course, Pricing. Mobile/app friendliness, integration options, and expanded multimedia features are some of the other aspects we've looked into as part of our recommendations for online classes for teachers.

There are a lot of free software available for the live classroom that may help you avoid all of the difficulties of online teaching. We discovered various low-cost online teaching setups that might assist teachers and students in connecting online.

A few Low-cost online teaching software

Smart Classes

It is the most effective tuition management and online teaching system. Smart classes are an online tuition management and online teaching solution built on SaaS. It's a corporation from India. It is so simple to utilize that any teacher or member of their staff may do so. The key advantage of this system is that you can take a live class with Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team, Big Blue buttons for online teaching. It covers all live class platforms, allowing the instructor to do anything and do so quickly. Aside from live classes, it has many advanced features such as inquiry management, student management, fee management, online examination system, assignment sharing, certificate creation, communication system, digital course sharing for extra income, expense management, business analysis, and many more at a very low cost.


Canvas is an open-source learning management system (LMS) built for both K-12 and higher education institutions. If you can't afford a school- or district-wide plan, CANVAS offers a Free-for-Teacher plan that includes all of the course-level features you'd expect, such as assessments, grading, online education chats, and a class syllabus.

It features third-party user authentication, SMS or email notifications, and basic learner statistics, as well as access to CANVAS Common resources, where you may integrate a choice of premade materials from other users into your learning content.


This platform is ideal for group meetings and teaching. Zoom becomes well-known during the COVID-19 shutdown. It is a firm located in the United States. Zoom was developed to make video calls to family and friends, but it's also a helpful tool with features that make it very easy for teachers to teach online as well as for business meetings. The major reason for its success is that it has a free version, so tiny tuition courses, and schools don't have to pay anything to educate online, and it easily outperforms Hangout and Skype in traffic.


Dialpad is a VoIP for education solution that allows instructors and students to meet, text, chat, and connect online using simple software.

Students can communicate with teachers in virtual classrooms by using screen sharing, whiteboarding, and chat tools. Teachers may also schedule office hours, exchange class recordings, and connect with colleagues using the same site.

Dialpad works with many different devices, including tablets, smartphones, desktop PCs, and laptop computers. By removing the requirement for hardware, Dialpad assists schools in saving money on IT expenditures.

Teachers may utilize Padlets to establish group lessons, work on group projects, gather information for a presentation, and so much more.

Padlet is a versatile platform for storing data, photos, videos, documents, and other media. Teachers may use "pallets," often known as digital corkboards, to organize data and information in almost any way they choose. Padlet is a popular online teaching tool that is simple to use.


This can be used with your own website. WizIQ is a well-known and long-standing name in the provision of online live class platform services. Its key selling point is that you may use their services as a white label on your website. WizIQ includes a virtual classroom, course administration, content production, video streaming, exams and assessments, insights and analytics, and mobile learning.

Google Classroom

This is a free educational management system. Google Classroom provides a single platform for schools and institutions to educate online while also handling admin, documentation, reporting, and training, as well as hosting virtual lectures and creating assignments. Google is a digital behemoth situated in the United States, and it is evident that it provides this platform for free and with high quality. It is a free G Suite account, and to utilize additional features, you must upgrade to a paid G Suite Enterprise for Education account.

Microsoft Teams

This is widely used for online corporate training and teaching. Microsoft Teams is a product of the Microsoft Corporation, which is situated in the United States. It offers the same types of online teaching tools and administrative capabilities as Google Classroom. It's an excellent, simple, and secure tool for hosting live courses or meetings, exchanging documents, and facilitating secure communication among employees during corporate training and meetings.


Teachers may use the simple setup for online education and class management. If you're looking to develop a truly professional online teaching business with long-term potential, the options listed above provide various options for growing your business beyond the virtual classroom. While these features may not be required for the casual instructor, if your online teaching firm is a serious business, it's definitely worth your time to study the customization and business options available

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