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How to guide students with proper use of technology

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With increase in the online education, thethe proper use of technology has become crucial. As technology allows for rapid access to knowledge, its presence in the classroom is critical. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are already prevalent in the lives of students and instructors alike. It comes as no surprise that technology gadgets in the classroom are being investigated in order to offer relevant learning experiences for students of all ages. Technology integration in education refers to the use of technology to improve the learning experience of students.

The proper use different technology in the virtual classroom actively engages the students and help in meeting their learning objectives. Technology deployment also opens routes for individualized education to fulfil students' specific requirements as individual learners within the context of a larger classroom environment.

How to ensure proper use of technology in the classroom?

When it comes to studying and completing homework, technology may be beneficial, but it can also be a significant distraction. Technology should be managed to ensure that it helps rather than harming growth.

Examining Online Resources

Students should make certain that they are using credible sources that allows allows proper use of technology. It is critical that the information students receive online is correct and up to date. It helps if they double-check the sources they're employing to ensure their dependability.

When it comes to news, it's better to go straight to the source. Many individuals, for example, use Wikipedia pages as their source of knowledge; nevertheless, each normal Wikipedia article has its own references that it cites at the conclusion. When conducting research, students should keep in mind that most websites connect to the original source. Fact-checking is especially critical when it comes to social media. It reduces the likelihood of coming across examples of false news on social media and trusting them.

Power Point Presentations and Games

Power Point presentations may be used to explain a school subject while also encouraging participation. Links to films that follow the topics offered in the Power Point can be integrated within the slides, in addition to images and bulleted information.

There are many educational tools for the classroom that ensure proper use of technology in classroom, which may be used to review content after a course or unit. Teachers may design and share presentations and games with one another, while students can engage in the game using anonymous user accounts. This permits students who are generally reluctant to participate in class to participate as a whole.

System of online grading

Communication is an important component of education since it allows instructors, administrators, parents, and students to identify a student's strengths and areas for growth. Teachers may publish grades, examine student attendance trends, and manage transcript data using online grading systems like PowerSchool, which open and promote lines of communication .

Homework Assignment through the Internet

Many professors can begin to integrate technology in classroom by posting homework assignments online (through learning systems such as Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle). Furthermore, assignments are conveniently available, which can boost student involvement and assist students in becoming more organized.

proper use of technology

Importance of Integrating technology in the classroom

When teachers are given the chance to employtechnology in classroom, they frequently find success as a result of proper use of technology. When technology is utilized for educational training, there are a variety of advantages and impacts, and some may argue that not all of the results are favourable. The availability of an unlimited flow of information and entertainment at any one time may be perceived as a distraction, but if technology is incorporated into the classroom with routines in place that are monitored or assessed, the benefits of employing technology in the classroom outweigh the drawbacks.

Keep students interested

Keeping students interested and encouraged in the classroom is one of the main component that every class must have. Technology creates interest in the students because it is engaging, whether they are working solo or collectively.

Aids students with various learning methods

Every student is not same and they cannot acquire or retain knowledge in the same manner and with same efficiency. Teachers can use technology to vary education and change material based on their students' learning skills. Technology provides an opportunity for the students to learn at their own speed.

Develop student's life skills

Because of how frequently it is utilized in daily life, technology has evolved into its own sort of literacy. Many professions rely on Microsoft Office or Google Drive on a daily basis, whether it's maintaining finances on spreadsheets, generating decks or slide presentations to present, or attaching documents to emails to relay critical information. Allowing children to acquire and practice these skills prepares them for life after school.


Due to the quick changes in our increasingly digital era and the proper use of technology, educators must take a comprehensive approach to technology. When combined with well-planned and professional training, education technology has the potential to improve academic performance and improve the educational experiences of students, parents, and instructors.

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