How to Grow YouTube Channel

How to grow YouTube Channel

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How to Grow YouTube Channel

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How to grow a  YouTube Channel?

How to grow a  YouTube Channel? , There is no such concept of a dead channel in the dictionary of YouTube. But, people often determine that a channel is dead if their videos do not get enough views. Furthermore, a YouTube channel can also be considered dead, if subscribers are not increasing on any channel. Now, YouTube does not have any specific guidelines or policies regarding a dead channel. Therefore, the concept of a dead channel has been evolved by the creators only. We certainly believe that our YouTube channel has been dead if it is not getting subscribers or the videos are not getting enough views.

Categories of Dead YouTube Channels
  There are basically two types of users who think that their YouTube channel has been dead. Let’s discuss both categories one by one. We will also discuss the possible solution for growing their dead channel.

Posting Videos Consistently but Seeing No Growth(youtube growth tips)

You won’t believe that 70% of the people whose channel has been dead belong to this category. They are those people who are continuously posting videos. Despite that, you are not witnessing any growth in your viewers or subscribers. Subscribers and Videos, but Low Views

These are those channels or people who have decent subscribers and videos posted. Still, their viewer base is not increasing.

Creator Types and Solutions for Growth

Now, consistency needs to be maintained, but this is not the real problem in every case. Let’s understand this better by understanding the two types of creators:

  1. Over-Consistent: First are those, who consistently keep on posting videos, but still their channel is not growing. Now, here the problem is not consistency. Whereas, this has become the problem of over-consistency, where you are continuously posting videos despite getting any results. The solution for these creators lies in four points mentioned below:
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) - Whenever a viewer searches for any video, the video’s thumbnail, title, and 2-3 lines of description are shown at the front. You need to pay attention to all these things. If your thumbnail, title, and description will be attractive and user-friendly, then there are high chances that a person will click on your video. Moreover, this will increase the growth of your channel.
  • Watch Time – In order to increase the watch time, you must always focus on your content. The more powerful content you make, the more will be your watch time. This means that more people will be interested in watching your video till the end. Moreover, this will automatically help your channel grow.
  • Returning Subscribes – This means the people who are watching your one video, must always return to your channel for other videos. You can make this happen by linking one video with another. Moreover, you should focus on your target audience and try to bring such videos that they like. This way, people will subscribe to your channel and will definitely return to your channel whenever you post a new video.
  • YouTube Search-based Traffic Generation – Despite teaching anything and everything on your channel, focus on what a user wants. Look for topics that people will like watching. Never invest money in getting paid subscribers, viewers, etc. Instead, you can invest in Google AdSense and run ads on YouTube, and Facebook to get organic traffic. This will eventually help your channel grow organically. Moreover, you can also focus on getting external viewers from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp through paid marketing.       
  • Growth due to some videos -Those whose channels have grown, but still, are not getting views. This is because, if you’ll check the analytics of such channels, you will find that their channel has witnessed growth only because of one or two videos. The solution for the growth of your YouTube channel is simple. You must first work on the type of videos that have helped your channel grow. Because your audience wants to watch such kind of content. After that, you can slowly start expanding your niche. Then, you can start working on other kinds of videos as well.
  • Not Consistent -They are those people who have grown their channel, but they are not consistently posting videos. So, the problem of consistency applies here. The solution for such YouTubers is that they must start posting videos again. While they must also maintain consistency. If they will do so, the results will automatically be seen in a few days


It has become very important for digital creators to grow their YouTube channels. This is required to attain success. The points mentioned above will definitely help your channel grow. For better understanding, you can also click here to watch a video on ‘How to Grow a Dead YouTube Channel’ -

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