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Teachers need to use a few online teaching tools to nail their teaching and provide students with quality education. The sudden shift to remote education has presented many instructors and students with various obstacles, ranging from a lack of internet connection to locating the appropriate tools to overcome the constraints of online teaching.

We have gathered a list of resources you may utilize to improve your experience with online teaching, sometimes known as remote teaching. You may browse the list and choose the best online teaching tools for your remote teaching needs.

10 Best Online Teaching Tools

Google Slides

Google Slides is an educational application allowing instructors to create stunning presentations, edit them, and collaborate. It provides various working functions, such as the ability to link numerous slides and a large selection of animations and transitions. Using such online teaching tools, teachers may build fantastic interactive presentations and make the classroom more interesting.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the best online teaching tools. It is an application that allows instructors to communicate with their students, have meetings, and exchange material. Microsoft Teams enables instructors to work efficiently in online classrooms and have meetings. It is completely free to use.


Canva is an online teaching tool that allows you to make photos, posters, infographics, thumbnails, video editing, and many other things. It offers a massive library of templates for everything. To make lessons more engaging, teachers may use Canva to create dynamic pictures, banners, and social media graphics. It offers both a free and a premium edition, Canva Pro, which includes access to all templates and photos.

Google Classroom

It is an educational technology that allows teachers to educate students from anywhere globally, and students can readily access them. Google has compiled a collection of applications that make this task simple. Teachers may use this to establish distinct domains and folders for each topic to store notes and homework. It is entirely free to use.


During the pandemic, Zoom became quite popular. It was mostly used for webinars. Its most notable features include its class capabilities, live courses, and social chat capability. It is one of the most popular tools for holding online classrooms and is completely free to use.

A Web Whiteboard App (AWW)

The AWW App is ideal for teachers who are used to writing on a board during class. This is a digital whiteboard on which teachers may annotate like they would on a normal board.

The combination of AWW and Zoom makes online teaching easier than ever. PDF and PowerPoint files may also be imported into AWW. This program is ideal for teachers who appreciate demonstrating how to do things.

The boards can be prepared ahead of time or scribbled on during the presentation. The settings allow students to work together or "come up to the board."


Dialpad offers a VoIP for education solution that includes an easy-to-use application for schools that allows instructors and students to meet, text, chat, and communicate online.

Students can interact with teachers in virtual classrooms by using technologies such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, and chat. Teachers may also use the same site to schedule office hours, exchange class recordings, and communicate with colleagues.

Dialpad is compatible with various devices, including tablets, smartphones, PCs, and laptops. Dialpad reduces IT overhead for schools and eliminates the need for hardware.

Teachers may meet students remotely and easily create online lessons from anywhere. They may also send mass SMS texts to students to check in on homework, offer updates, and make announcements.


Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an ideal supplement for teachers who frequently use Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. It boosts interaction and the visual quality of the teacher's presentations.

The editor add-on is now ready, and it also includes a teacher platform for tracking student engagement in class.

When you launch the PearDeck add-on in Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint, it appears in the sidebar. All of the tools are accessible from within the editor and may significantly improve your presentations.


Edpuzzle is an online teaching tool that converts any video into an educational lesson. Teachers just upload their preferred video, set it up for students with content questions, and assign it to them using their standard LMS.

Edpuzzle connects with Google Classroom as well as many other LMS platforms.

One significant aspect of Edpuzzle is the ease with which teachers may track student progress. The settings for the video and making more questions unskippable can be toggled.

Edpuzzle is an ideal complement to the flipped classroom technique, which may be used in both face-to-face and virtual classrooms.


Quizizz is a free online quiz creator for students of all ages. If you don't want to make your own quiz, there are many free quizzes accessible in the gallery.

Integrate your quiz with Google Classroom or share a link to it. You can even make it into a game and share the link with the Remind app and other online teaching tools.

Given that Quizizz has been utilized in traditional classrooms for some time, the transfer to online education was smooth.


There are several online teaching tools available for use when teaching online, and we have compiled a list of a few outstanding resources that you may use to assist and ease your job. Using these tools, you can ace your online lessons. For more details, you can connect with Edusquadz, we offer teachers all the necessary online teaching tools along with helping them grow their YouTube channel, website, etc.

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