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How Teachers Can Teach Multiple Subjects

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How teachers can teach multiple subjects?

Do you want to convert India’s toughest exam into a simpler version for your students? We all know that for competitive exam preparation, a team of 8 to 10 teachers is required. Whereas, we will guide you on how teachers can teach multiple subjects. Jayshree Gupta Ma’am is an inspiration for all the teachers. She has taught the teaching fraternity to teach multiple subjects single-handedly. Moreover, she is so popular in Indore just by her results and teaching strategy without any publicity and marketing. You can also make this happen with some lessons and tips. She is known as the top teacher who has made the toughest subject of GATE simple. In this blog post, we will be talking about a plan and tips that teachers must follow for teaching multiple subjects.

How to start the teaching journey?

If you are someone who has not yet started your teaching journey but wants to start the same. So, first, you must start by teaching in a private institute. This helps you get confidence, and then you can start your own coaching institute. Remember, starting your own institute may require you to leave certain things behind, but you must stay focused on your teaching techniques. Also, never think about the outcome.
Once you are sure that you enjoy teaching, then you must give it a try without thinking about the outcome. It totally depends upon you which subject you are teaching. If you want to teach multiple subjects then start by teaching single subjects. Afterward, as you start gathering confidence, you can start teaching for competitive exams as well. Select a new teaching approach and start accordingly.

How to teach multiple subjects?

We know that every teacher cannot teach all the subjects. For competitive exam preparation, a team of 5-6 teachers is required. But, Jayshree Gupta Ma’am has proved this theory wrong. She taught almost all the subjects GATE on her own. Therefore, here are a few innovative teaching methods for all the teachers that they can use to teach multiple subjects:
1. Start with teaching single subjects and hold command on every subject one by one. This process will be time taking. But it will be really helpful in the long run.
2. You might already have a command over a few subjects. Now, with some preparation, you will be able to get command over other subjects as well.
3. Teaching multiple subjects will be possible through hard work. You will have to devote a lot of time to every subject. First, study that subject, then, prepare notes and study material.
4. Personal and professional life balance is very important. Teaching requires effort and a lot of time. For this, you will require the help of your family.

How to manage hectic schedules while teaching multiple subjects?

You need to divide the classes in a way that you get a proper break in between the two classes. Moreover, taking a power nap during the day is very important. This help to refresh and energize the body. Furthermore, in starting you will be required to study a subject or topic before teaching using a student-centered learning approach. But eventually and gradually, you will start gaining experience, and teaching the same subjects all over again will help you learn the topics. Still, you must make a habit of taking an overview of the topic that will be taught in the class.
Now, if you have your own coaching institute or you wish to start your coaching institute, then you will require support. Let’s understand this in a way that if you are focused on teaching multiple subjects, then you will require a helping hand to take care of the administration and classroom management. So, that you don’t get overburdened with a lot of things.

Which teaching method is best for the modern Generation?

Every teaching method is best. The main aim of teaching should be to make the student understand a concept properly. Even if a teacher teaches using the traditional method and students are able to understand the concept then it is more than enough. Furthermore, there are certain subjects like history that are monotonous. So, teachers must find a way to make these subjects interesting. Only then the subjects will be interested in studying such subjects from you. Even the technical subjects can’t be made very interesting, but still, teachers must make sure that the students don’t feel bored.

How to manage Online and Offline teaching together?


Teachers are already busy with their offline classes. Therefore, recording online videos becomes a hurdle. Even, you will observe that online teaching or recording videos are more difficult than offline ones. But, with practice, teachers can also conquer online teaching. After Covid, online teaching has become prevalent and no teacher can actually disregard it. Live teaching can be more difficult because teachers don’t actually understand whether the students are able to understand the concept or not. There are a lot of challenges, but with time, things will come to normal.



While concluding, in order to teach multiple subjects, teachers must give their 100% and make their concepts clear before teaching any topic to the students. This means you must first master a subject and then teach the same to provide in-depth knowledge to the students.
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